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Power of Silence, मौन

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Wise people say silence is the best language but what are the reasons we can not stick to the language of silence? Why we invite trouble by talking too much? How can we grow the silence outward? What are the benefits of silence?

We connect to the external world by talking but unnecessary talks can create a lot of disturbance in our life.


1.Our internal turmoil doesn’t allow us to stick to silence. The more chaos we have inside us, the more chaos we reflect outside. In order to avoid conflicts, we try to be silent and thus how we suppress ourselves. Here one has to understand the in-depth meaning of silence. Silence doesn’t mean suppression, the real silence comes with a lot of inner work. Once the mind is calm, it reflects outside as well.

2. Our EGO doesn't allow us to accept the real me, we get distracted by our mere self and thus create more and more chaos outside. We always try to prove ourselves that I am the best person to know everything, I KNOW SYNDROME. Social media is the best example of all this chaos. The more one shouts the more one is popular. In order to do so, we lose our peace of mind because most of the time we try to engage ourselves to be active and to prove. Instead of using social media, social media uses us. Every platform is good till the time we know how to utilize it for a cause. Most of the time we drain our energy by getting involved in unnecessary stuff.

3. Most of the time we invite trouble by talking too much. Our power of discretion is poorly developed. We don't know when and what to talk about and when not to talk. By talking too much we try to prove our point, ME SYNDROME. This syndrome overpowers us and we end up talking all meaningless stuff. If we pay attention, most of the time we talk about ourselves, we don’t have the patience to listen to others. We are always in a hurry to speak our minds.


By doing inner work, reflecting, introspecting, we can bring a level of understanding to ourselves which will expand the awareness and by dropping the ego, we can bring acceptance to the people and situation. Practice silence while focusing on breath. How to expand it?

1. Meditation

2. Conscious breathing

3. Healing past wounds, patterns, belief system

4. Yoga

5. Creative arts, working for a cause in a real sense

6. Music

7. Mantras

8. Yantras

9. Contemplation

10. Creative Writings

The more one practices, the more one can grow the silence. It is all about sadhana, the more one invests the more ROI. Silence and stillness grow with all practices.


1. In silence, we get connected to the inner self.

2. Silence has the power to grow our creativity

3. Silence brings clarity

4. It helps us to preserve our energy without draining ourselves

5. It helps us to improve our productivity, our focus/concentration

6. Silence avoids unnecessary arguments and conflicts

7. By practicing Silence we can bring calmness to our body and mind which is in the long run prevention from all sort of diseases, distress, and disorders

8. Improves our sleep quality

9. It enhances a lot of positive thought patterns

10. Those who practice silence has the ability to deal with stressful situation in life

11. Research says silence helps to maintain good mental health

12. Silence increases mental strength, conviction about self

, and the inner power

#Silence speaks louder than words, practice silence and knows your #power.

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