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Updated: Dec 2, 2022


Whenever we talk about root, it gives us the picture of trees. The deeper the root is, the more stable the tree is, and cannot be uprooted easily. In that way it is applicable to us as well. More the deep root is, more balanced we are, more stable we are, more grounded we are. What are the reasons that we get uprooted easily? How to deepen our root?



In most of the cases we witness, children are disconnected from their parents. Reasons can be so many like mother herself is not rooted, she herself feels lack of love, not connected with mother, rejected being girl children, suppressed upbringing, raised up in a harsh way.

Cultural Shock

When we relocate to other countries for any reason, suddenly, we start feeling a sense of uprootedness. Every country has a different culture and civilisation. The way of living is different everywhere and celebration of festivals is very different. Few people can adapt new culture, few cannot. After adapting also, a sense of uprootedness remains, and struggle reflects either in their relationship or at professional level. Most of the people relocate for better standard of living and they get used to that comfort zone but a sense of discontentment most of the time is there.


About religions everyone has got a different opinion. The reason behind every religion is to keep us rooted and to bring balance in our life. If people are practicing in true sense, it helps us to be more flexible and compassionate. But all religion has been distorted over a period. Every religion has got different traditions, rituals, language, literature, which we are practicing generation after generation and got transferred through our DNA. In the name of globalisation and modernisation by discarding them we are uprooting ourselves, which can be witnessed in our behaviour, relationship, and quality of living. Religion in real sense teaches us to restore our faith in form or in formless energy, which helps us to grow compassion, devotion so that we can accept and surrender. This attitude helps us to deal with adverse situations in life in a very positive way and to take necessary steps.


Without knowing the facts, we should not discard anything blindly. Before discarding anything, we should be in a situation to introspect. After discarding, we should be in a situation to deal with the consequences. For example: Early to bed and early to rise is like a prayer to us since childhood. But nowadays young generation discard it without knowing the scientific aspect of this fact. Being a parent, it is our duty to inculcate these habits and discipline in them. Before putting them on those discipline we need to correct ourselves first.

Parents play important role in our life, and they help us to experience life and to know our depth. Over attachment towards them is an obstacle to growth, can make us weak and unstable in life at the same time being disconnected can uproot us. We need to understand this relationship with all wisdom, to get liberated from the karmic debt. Spirituality helps us to break barriers and to break conditioning without uprooting ourselves because it helps us to expand our consciousness to understand situations better. Regular practice of Yogasanas, Pranayama, Conscious Breathing, and Meditation keep us rooted and balanced. Once again choice is there (in true sense) to restore faith in formless or in form. Attitude of devotion, gratitude and surrender can bring stability. This attitude can be acquired with enhanced perception and enhanced perception can be acquired by expanding awareness and acceptance. Dropping attitude of Instant Gratification: Most of us expect instant result when we do some work, we practice something, we learn, we invest in relationship. In every aspect of life, we expect instant gratification. This attitude puts us in lower frequency zone where we experience a sense of uprootedness and immediately our energy shifts from the work we do, and we decide to leave without investing enough time and energy in it. Thus, it brings disappointment, desperation, hopelessness, anxiety, nervousness, panic attacks. By dropping this attitude, we can focus on whatever we are doing, and develop one pointedness.


We should take the ownership of our life with better awareness. Blaming others for our misery is a waste of energy and time. Body, mind & emotions belong to us, so taking care of them is purely our responsibility. Root is deep when we implement below mentioned formula in our life.

  1. Bringing awareness to the above is the first step to root ourselves.

  2. Acceptance is the second step to push it deep

  3. Intent is the most intense step to root us deeper

  4. Gratitude and forgiveness help us to expand and to ground.

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Sep 29, 2020

Yes trie, if roots are deep rooted and strong then everything are stable and strong based

Mar 13, 2021
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Yes very TRUE

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