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The purpose of One Month Transformation is to bring a transformational shift in the participant’s life. It is a very intense program which includes one month of coaching + healing + experiential sharing of techniques. This is a very rigorous program to open the consciousness of the participant and bring an alignment in the conscious and subconscious mind so that the participant begins to access his inherent wisdom with ease and begins to get in touch with his/her internal power, strength and wisdom.

One month transformation program


Srijan – A “five + two” day empowerment program provides you with the framework of knowledge and tools/techniques to create a life that you are unable to, in spite of your best efforts. The program is an end result of working with over hundreds of patients and refining the techniques over the years and validating / re-validating the efficacy of the techniques.​

  • Mitigate the risks of hazardous diseases and mental disorders

  • Gain Internal Emotional Strength

  • Get rid of “stuck” situations

  • Lead an effortless easy life

  • Heal Your Past, Present & Future

  • Heal your wounds and Trauma

  • Restore  relationships

  • Conscious Parenting

  • The program takes you to a very deep level of five days of distance healing and simultaneously you go through the experiential techniques that are shared with you during the course of the program.

Srijan – A Five + Two Day Empowerment Program


A Five Days Advanced Residential Retreat

a program which came into its being by the sheer guidance of the Universal Energies. Chaitanya is all about expansion of consciousness, expansion of inner silence so that you can start getting the insights about your own life. It helps you to go deeper and seek the deeper meaning of life. This program is completely experience based where you will be able to dig the deepest layer of being. Chaitanya is a program which is designed in such a way that people would experience coming out of these illusions and drop of the survival instinct and living an authentic life or celebrating the existence would be a by-product of the program. It would be a journey to go deep within to discover the mystery which lies within each one of us and to quench the thirst of the inner journey.

This workshop includes detailed work and healing on the emotional life journey of a person which happens ten days prior to the workshop.

Chaitanya – Awakening of Inner Consciousness

Laptop & Coffee

The Online Distance Healing Programs are offered with the intent to heal any one particular basic emotion like fear, rejection etc. Distance Healing is one of the core competencies of Navkruti and we have handled virtually all kinds of cases using distance healing as a tool, ranging from mental disorder, emotional trauma, cases of patients in ICU, cancer patients, cases of patients near death (so that they pass over peacefully), cases of special children, cases of women health etc. In all the cases that we take up, distance healing is an integral part. Other than balancing the electromagnetic field and dealing with basic emotions, we also deal with the following via distance –This program gives you the flexibility to attend healing at the comfort of your own homes at very nominal costs and yet helps you move to the next pedestal with respect to that particular emotion.

Online Distance Healing Program

Working with Organizations

Problem Definition: Many of us are leading our lives with a deep sense of disappointment and disillusionment. Darwin’s Dogma says “Survival of the fittest” and since our birth, we are trained to be a part of this rat race and to win it at any cost. While we push hard for material gains and many times we achieve them too, there is a disconnect which seems all prevailing. It could manifest in sense of a lack of meaning in what we are doing, in a sense of lack in our relationships, a lack in our health, in our environment. Much of our time is wasted coping and managing life, not reveling in it. More often than not, we treat


Symptoms – medicines for bodily and mental afflictions, counseling for broken and twisted relationships and so on. Unfortunately, what is missing is the realization that all that which manifests in our lives is all connected.


Problem Cause – We carry our belief system & emotions in our subconscious mind. Our thoughts are generated based on the belief system and the emotions we carry around that topic. And we are almost unconscious about these. Some beliefs are stronger and hold more energy while some are less strong and we are more open to listening or changing these beliefs. The stronger the belief, the more it is reflected in our energy and the more we attract events in our life as per this belief. For example, if I believe very strongly that everybody uses me, I will manifest more people in my life, which would use me and these events would make my belief stronger. This is a catch 22 situation. Here I need to sit down and introspect the beliefs I am carrying which are aiding the manifestation of these people in my life. So the onus lies on me to reflect and weed out my own belief system.

The Solution – Most of us lead a life at the mental layer and are hardly looking inward, at our thought process and belief system, we are unable to get to the root cause of an issue. The moment, we start practicing any kind of meditation or breathing or introspection technique, the mental chatter begins to slow down and we begin to experience a sense of calm. A calm mind, allows the patterns of our belief systems residing in our subconscious begin to appear in our conscious mind and our awareness about own selves begins to increase which enhances our perception /sixth sense or intuition. By knowing our subconscious mind actually, we witness synchronization between our mind, body, and emotions.

Navkruti’s Srijan is a scientifically designed program to awaken the Inner Consciousness, which can intervene exactly here because it helps people get in touch with their Inner strength. 

Other Programs

One to One coaching

We also conduct one to one online and offline coaching and consulting services

Conscious Parenting

We provide the coaching and training on conscious developmental parenting

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