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A Five+Two day Residential Healing Workshop

23 & 24 February, 2024

Limited 15 seats

Srijan – A “five + two” day empowerment program provides you with the framework of knowledge and tools/techniques to heal your deep-rooted familial patterns & life, which you are unable to heal, in spite of your best efforts. The program is an end result of working with over thousands of people and refining the techniques over the years and validating / re-validating the efficacy of the techniques. Special feature of this program is five days distance healing, which you experience at the comfort of your home to get ready for the two days in-person workshop. 

Post workshop support for a month to understand the techniques, to practice them in a right way , few online sessions for addressing and discussing the issues.  You will be a part of growth community for lifetime.


Why this Workshop?

Mitigate the risks of diseases, disorder and distress 

Gain Internal Emotional Strength 

Balancing Male-Female Energy 

Heal your wounds and Trauma 

Conscious Parenting 

Transgenerational healing 

Get rid of “stuck” situations 

Heal Your Past, Present & Future 

Reinvent relationships 

Gynaecological Issues


The program takes you to a very deep level of five days of distance healing and simultaneously you go through the experiential techniques that are shared with you during the course of the Program. This program is scientifically designed to understand the connect between Mind, Body & Emotions in order to prevent disorder, diseases, distress. Reversing is possible when one takes the charge of life as healing starts from within.  


Who can attend this Retreat?

This program is open for people who are in search of answers to their suffering and to understand life beyond logic. People who are suffering with mental health and physical diseases can get answer to their suffering.

Age range is specific 18-65 years, though it is flexible for enthusiastic people.   

White Sand and Stone


The deep understanding about life & to become a master of your own life. 

A harmonious connection between Mind-Body-Emotions 

Strong power of discretion 

Inner Strength

Power of decision making 

Better understanding of Relationship 

Increased level of Awareness, Alertness 

More Flexibility/Acceptance 

Peace within Self 

Better professional, Financial & Personal Life 

Prevention and reversal of lifestyle diseases, disorders and distress. 

Venue : Zorba The Buddha

Zorba The Buddha, Meditation Centre. 7, Tropical Drive, Ghitorni, New Delhi 110030


Program commencement at 10.00 am 0n 23rd February and Dispersal at 10 am (post breakfast) on 25th February, 2024

White Plants

Single Occupancy- 35300/- & Double Occupancy 32185/-


Know the Facilitator

ch11 03-09-2022 05_49_32_838_edited.jpg

Chaina is a Transformational Life Coach and Spiritual Healer whose mission is to educate people to lead an effortless life. She feels that “Life always offers us and human misery comes from seeing the lack in it. It’s our attitude that constructs or destroys our life.  Once we understand and imbibe this concept, life becomes effortless.”  

Her ability to read the deep psyche of human beings helps a person to get healed at a faster pace. To solve each and every case is like solving a Jigsaw puzzle which she does with compassion, energy, and patience.

With Universe’s guidance and her dedication, she has been healing people from all sorts of diseases and disorders. She has helped heal over a thousand people ranging from a severe mental disorder to diseases, Infertility, complex relationship issues, Autism, and de-addiction across the globe.

Healing mental disorders is her core competency. She has also been an efficient Corporate Coach who helps her clients to deal with dull corporate culture with sharp alertness and awareness. She has also conducted close to 40-50 Non-residential and residential workshops.  She uses her intuitions to heal, to coach people and her intuitions have been validated and re-validated with many clients. She does not use any conventional modality of healing as she believes every person is unique so it is not necessarily that the same process will work for all. She heals as per every person’s need and her work encompasses all three layers - Physical body, Mental body, and Emotional body.   

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