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Every day we hear news of suicide. The numbers are increasing day by day especially the suicide rate in India is quite alarming. India has the highest suicide rate at 16.5 suicides per 100,000 people in the South-East Asian region, according to the World Health Organization's latest report.

Yesterday I heard from a friend that a person in our vicinity committed suicide after killing his wife and mother-in-law. By profession, he was a well-settled chartered accountant. But was going through a difficult time in his personal life.

A few days back suicide of well-known actors triggered a storm around mental health nationwide. All these issues compelled me to write about the truth of our existence. Why are people committing suicide and getting uprooted so easily? Is it a phase of transition where we all are struggling to evolve?

Is India going through a transition phase??

Few facts for INTROSPECTION:

Concept of Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family:

*Very recently we have come out of the shadow of the joint family system and people prefer to live in the establishment of a nuclear family.

*Though we are trying to be independent emotionally the core strength today also lies in the family. The concept of a nuclear family has given us an opportunity to recognize our identity which was not possible being in a joint family.

*Though a joint family has a lot of conflicts, different kinds of a struggle it always helped people to ground their emotions

*The concept of a nuclear family has brought a different level of freedom at the cost of the deep void to which people are not aware of and they try to fill it by getting attached to a more material world. Thus we are progressing towards a capitalist society

*We are not utilizing this void to understand our identity and existence because we are caught up badly in outside glittering world

*We are becoming more self-centered and deviating from the world of compassion and care.

#Women Empowerment:

The industrial revolution, The French revolution, The US revolution have brought the concept of women empowerment. Are women really getting empowered or they are getting deviated from the core of their existence?

Man Vs Woman: Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus and the crux of this statement is that men and women cannot be the same, they are differently designed, men, are the #provider and women are the #nurturers. Today women are equally participating to provide. While playing duel roles they are deviating from their core strength of nurturing which is purely feminine energy. Thus we can witness an increased number of IVF centers and increased cases of premature detection of uterus removal, ovaries removal, complexities in feminine organs. These are the deep issues to be introspected. Are women discarding their basic design by discarding their feminine energy???

As women are confused with their newfound power which they are mistaken with empowerment. Power is external whereas empowerment is inner strength. They are struggling with their #Identity too. They feel power is everything so they don’t hesitate to project their power in the name of equality. At the same time, they are confused and struggling between a new theme of equality and an old thread of submissiveness. Are they really confused or they are not aware of??

To come out of the shadow of a man dominated society men are becoming submissive as they are struggling to adopt a new role of Cool Husband, Cool father. Men are trying to find their identity in their respective workplaces and at the same time, the inner vacuum is not allowing them to ground their emotions. Are they trying to explore outside their relationship to experience their existence through external approval, acceptance which they were getting earlier at home?

Men and women relationship is now based more on power and Ego. Men are physically strong whereas women are emotionally strong. They cannot #compete with each other they can only #complement. If this is imbibed by both of them we can evolve in each other presence.

#Parents are still with the old concept that children are an #Investment of Future. They are struggling with their expectation and getting into a shell of self-inflicted misery. They are trying to grow but in the absence of wisdom, they are struggling too. Children are trying to deal with their guilt in a different way.

Everyone is in search of their existence so the chaos is overwhelming. Everyone is struggling to evolve so emptiness, the void is unavoidable and misery is the side effect of our #Evolution without awareness and alertness.

Can we evolve with awareness to bring more sensitivity and look within attitude(introspection) in order to know the purpose of our existence? So everything revolves around our existence. What is existence? Why we take a long route to understand the truth of our existence? What is not allowing us to understand our existent?

#Existence: We look at our existence with a structured point of view, which is imposed by society, our upbringing, preconditioning, the ecosystem we live in. So the attachment to our conditioning is very very strong and the moment we try to go inward our attachment towards the external world, to self don’t allow us to go beyond as the process of detachment is painful and one needs a lot of courage. We feel all these attachments are a reality when this reality becomes an illusion we start experiencing our true existence without any mask of external approval, validation, and acceptance. At this stage, we experience a lot of void and emptiness because of the new dawned realization which is not acceptable to us. We are not ready to accept this ultimate silence and stillness because we are not used to this and constantly we deny it which is the base of our existence - #SHUNYATA This shunyata is being filled up by our conditioning while moving in this journey called life. Constantly we try to fill up this loneliness, void with something else without understanding our existence. We try to keep ourselves busy with goals, achievements, material possession, relationships, career, and the list is endless. Slowly this loneliness, hopelessness, void keep growing when we don’t address them. People can’t handle this void and thus how they try to end their life or commit suicide.

Shunyata is existence, existence is mystery and mystery is life. Life is a beautiful gift to realize and not to waste.

Shunyata is existence, existence is mystery and mystery is life.

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