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Law Of Reciprocation-Give & Recieve

Every country has its own set of rules or laws to run the country effectively similarly this Universe has some laws to run it smoothly and when there is a disharmony Nature knows how to balance it.

The Law of reciprocation is among them. Let’s understand with an example of what can be the consequences if the rhythm of this law gets disturbed.

I am the fourth daughter of the family and always perceived that I am not welcomed in the family by my mother, grandmother. At a very early age, I started supporting my mother in household chores though she never asked because she wanted us to focus on studies. I supported my brother, sisters emotionally by showering my love for them. While progressing in my journey unknowingly I stopped receiving or I had never received.

The emotion of rejection was deeply rooted and to prove “I EXIST”, I started showing my worthiness by GIVING my love to the family more and more. That rejection made me more compassionate. At the same time, I started developing a huge EGO because of the rejection from the mother, I stopped receiving energy in the form of love. I became more rigid not to receive love because I was banging the door of my mother silently (without expressing anything) with a lot of anger why you are not loving me?? I stopped accepting love from other sources too. The more I felt a lack of love the more I started giving love. My EGO didn’t allow me to receive love in any form. In the absence of receiving slowly, I started developing a lot of complications in Physical health and as well as in mental health. My relationship with my mother was turning sour day by day because the emotion of rejection was very predominant in my mind. My relationships(opposite sex) didn’t work because of a closed attitude with all sorts of emotional pain, lack of love, anger.

When a thought of ending my life came into my mind that was the time I realized something is wrong with me. I can not live my life like this and that intent started guiding me to take the right steps to start afresh.

At a certain point in time, I started feeling a lot of suffocation because I wanted to shower my love but I was not able to reach the depth of it and my search for that depth without receiving was not completed. Thus my spiritual journey started and I made my EGO understand “The law of Reciprocation”. My Giving has been intensified at the same time receiving block has been removed. Now I am ready to merge with the higher source as I have understood the role of all these external rejections and Love.

I hope it is quite comprehensive with the example of my own life. I would like to add a few more insights to make it more simple.

  1. Depending only on receiving makes us mentally handicapped like parasites suck the blood of others

  2. Only giving imbalances the law of reciprocation and we start living a life completely based on EGO

  3. If you are not receiving from one source don’t bang it or beg. Look at the other sources which are ready to give you so receive with all humility

  4. Balance happens when you Give and Take with all humility

  5. In a relationship don’t try to quantify or compare

  6. If you love yourself love will be showered on you on its own

  7. In order to receive learn to give first without string attached

  8. In order to give infinitely get merged with the higher source

Give & Receive

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