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New Age Relationship

I was in search of something, at a certain point in time it was a never-ending search. The search seemed as if I have lost something very precious but didn’t have any clue what the search all about. The experience cannot be shared in words, it is just inexplicable.

In pursuit of love outside, I discovered my deep-rooted pain, my rejections, my restlessness, my fear, my insecurity. I looked at my mother and asked for love very silently and in return I experienced rejection, I looked at my father for security but he was trying to discover his meaning of life and I experienced the lack. I looked at my lovers with all new hope and enthusiasm but again and again, I experienced a deep-rooted rejection that filled me with intense pain, and thus I discovered myself and my journey. My connection with my inner self made me realized how fragile and superficial all relationships are. It appears very illusionary when the specific needs are from that relationship satisfied or get fulfilled or don't get fulfilled. Every now and then our emotions are changing so our needs. When people feel secure in a relationship they start taking relationships for granted and this is how we start manipulating our relationships for our needs. Morality gets overpowered by our desires, expectations, and

New Age Relationship


As marriages appear an illusion and overrated, people are opting to come out of the marriage as a solution because of ignorance. Once again they try to search it outside and try to keep themselves satiated by external absorptions. All relationships appear fragile because we are stuck at the superficial level and unable to see the in-depth meaning of any relationship. We are frustrated because we always try to get something or other from a relationship and unable to learn and evolve.

While moving in my journey I find relationships very appealing which are not constrained in a typical structure of society or self-imposed expectations. These relationships are free-flowing and don’t demand. These relationships allow you space to express your natural flow of love, gratitude, affection. There is no limit to the expression because there is no societal pressure, fear, insecurity, expectations. I call these relationships “New-Age Relationships” where people are able to learn and grow in a judgment-free environment and are able to display quality from the core of heart.

I feel this is the need of our society too, more empaths, more sensitive people, more healers and this needs a lot of self-work and wisdom. Just imagine a society where everything moves out of free will, without any constraints just with love and compassion and people are able to stay in a community as per their level of frequency.

When we align with our inner self and make a beautiful bridge to the external world then Universe conspires everything for us and this is a gift of the universe in the form of life.

Maybe I am sensing it ahead of time but days are not far away.

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