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The Monkey Mind

The Monkey Mind

Few Insights on the Monkey Mind:

1. The mind is a collection of thoughts and emotions.

2. From where all these thoughts and emotions come?

3. Yes From our memories. Memories decide on our perception. If the memory is deep-rooted our intensity of emotions will be more.

4. Behind every belief pattern, there is a core emotion or root cause. This root cause creates all corresponding emotions and belief patterns. The more deep memories are the deeper the patterns and emotions are.

For example, if my intensity of fear is very high I will create different scenarios to validate my fear. Because of this intense fear, I may slip into depression and can create a world of fear where I am unable to trust anyone, start doubting everyone, start hallucinating as if people are going to damage me. The extreme side locking me inside a house, unable to eat, breathe, go out, socialize. So I have created a world for me which is real for me but not real for others.

This is how our mind creates illusions every now and then. Root causes need to be identified and it will happen effortlessly if the mind is calm. In short, we should discard all the triggers, people and we should focus on self only. This will help us to identify the root causes of our suffering. After identifying it is our responsibility to come out of the suffering.

How to get rid of all these?

Try to understand this and imbibe.

We love to nurture our memories. When we experience something good or bad we store them in our memory and nurture them. Based on memories we attract the same patterns again and again and we make them more rigid. The more we make them rigid the more difficulties we face to break them.

So how we make our memories rigid??

a. We nurture them by giving attention. So we are persistent while nurturing them

b. We try to come out of the situation by resisting them, by fighting them

c. We expect a lot while fighting

So persistently we nurture our problems, we resist/fight with our problems and we expect a lot to come out of the situation which makes our life more miserable.

So when we get into meditation we do the same thing. That's why any technique works for some time and we start witnessing the same chaos again. Meditation becomes relaxation for us and that span is sort. The whole idea of meditation is to expand silence and stillness.

So stop giving attention to unnecessary things, don't resist and don't expect. If you apply this in your day to day life you will be able to witness the silence and stillness. This silence will help you to recognize the root cause of your problem.

So awareness, acceptance, and intent to come out of the root cause will happen effortlessly.

Don't nurture anything persistently to create a strong memory that you carry till your last breath. Meditation will help you to break all the barriers. Life should be an experience, and memory should be just memory without any attachment.

Learn from your experience and move on.

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