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Spiritual Healer and Transformational Life Coach

Empowering people to live an effortless life
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A deep meditative and healing Retreat for those who are looking for deep experience of meditation as well as healing. It is a radical enquiry program to discover self. A program which came into its being by the sheer guidance of the Universal Energies. Chaitanya is all about expansion of consciousness, expansion of inner silence so that you can start getting the insights about your own life. It helps you to go deeper and seek the deeper meaning of life. This program is completely experience based where you will be able to dig the deepest layer of being.

Srijan -A new YOU

This program is for the beginners who wants to heal their life in a very safe and supportive environment to experience the bliss of life. Srijan – A “five + three” day empowerment program provides you with the framework of knowledge and tools/techniques to create a life that you are unable to, in spite of your best efforts. The program is an end result of working with over hundreds of patients and refining the techniques over the years and validating / re-validating the efficacy of the techniques.


About the Healer

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Chaina is a Spiritual Healer and Transformational Life Coach whose mission is to heal and educate people to lead an effortless life. She feels that “Life always offers us and human misery comes from seeing the lack in it. It’s our attitude that establishes or devastates our life. Once we understand and imbibe this, life becomes effortless.”

Her ability to read the deep psyche of human beings helps a person to get healed at a faster pace. To solve each and every case is like solving a Jigsaw puzzle which she does with compassion, energy, and patience.

Chaina went through a very tough time at a very tender age. Since her childhood, she always felt interested in mysticism and her intuitions were almost always right. She never felt the attraction for this material world and it was a constant struggle between her heart and mind. Slowly she started developing a lot of physical and emotional level issues. When it came to her work life, she worked just for survival but never felt contented. She always felt that this is not her calling and as if something else is calling her.

She would continually ask herself “Why is she going through all these?” Slowly her inner calling was becoming stronger and one day, she left her job, broke her all comforts of house and came to Bangalore in search of the answers of her questions. She met her mentor and under his guidance and healing, she got healed. That’s how she started a new journey of discovering self. While discovering self she has understood the real meaning of external world and her search for truth of life has been started.  


With Universe’s guidance and her dedication, she has been healing people from all sorts of diseases and disorders. She has helped heal over a thousand people ranging from a severe mental disorder to diseases, Infertility, complex relationship issues, conscious parenting, Autism, and de-addiction across the globe. Healing mental disorders is her core competency. She has also been an efficient Corporate Coach who helps her clients to deal with dull corporate culture with sharp alertness and awareness. She has also conducted close to 40-50 Non-residential and residential workshops.  She uses her intuitions to heal, to coach people and her intuitions have been validated and re-validated with many clients. She does not use any conventional modality of healing as she believes every person is unique so it is not necessarily that the same process will work for all. She heals as per every person’s need and her work encompasses all three layers - Physical body, Mental body, and Emotional body. 

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Nobody can throw away the one and save the other at the same time. In his lifetime man foolishly behaves as though this is possible. He prays, ”O God, save me from miseries and give me happiness.” They are the two sides of the same coin. He wants to retain happiness but does not appreciate that unhappiness will surely follow it. He prays honor and respect. Not seeing that dishonor follows. He prays, “I don’t want death, I want life,” and in praying for life, he forgets that death is surely to follow it. In this world when a person demands the one, he gets the other without asking for it….
~Chaina Karmakar


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