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Drug Induced Spirituality

It is interesting for those who wants to experience the internal bliss and the mystical connection with the universal energy. From a metaphysical point of view it always attracts young curious crowd, intellectual people, who wants to experience the spiritual awakening and a higher dimensional states. The use of drug is prevalent in society not only for recreational purpose but with different perspective altogether. Many of the experiences encountered, are the same which spiritual seekers or meditators experience through their sadhana, the higher state of consciousness.

Drug Induced Spirituality

The spiritual awakening experience can be real but the consequences are alarming, they not only impact the nervous system but also damage the subtle bodies. Few drugs/medicines like LSD, cannabis(marijuana), magic mushrooms and nowadays Ayahuasca are commonly used for such kind of experience, help you to reach a euphoric state, altered thinking processes, altered sense of time. Prolonged use can damage the astral body as well as the light body. A person can get disconnected permanently from the etheric body.

The state of consciousness induced by these drugs is very high and connects you directly to your light body. The raise in vibration very high and happens very suddenly. A person starts downloading various mystical messages, which boosts up the ego hugely. When the effect of drugs off, the actual energy game starts. The light body moves on the earlier state and astral body slows down. After experiencing the higher frequency the ego doesn’t allow you to go back to the lower frequencies.

Here the struggle starts resulting heavy mood swinging, deep anger, fear, hallucination all internal chaos get surfaced. In medical terms they call this situation bipolar disorder, schizophrenia. Ego tries to take you back to that euphoric state and low frequency puts you in depression. The repair is very difficult but with right kind of practices it can be repaired very slowly.

Experiencing drug/medicines are not bad, it helps you to open up your blocks but trying to reach a state of higher dimensions or to reach a state of super consciousness can be dangerous. It can permanently damage your subtle bodies beyond any repair. So it is your choice to experience high vibration through proper practices or through drugs/medicines.

Note – This is my experience while healing few cases of drug abuse so sharing with all of you. There is no shortcut in life…..:-)

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