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A Soul knows how to HEAL

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

A soul knows how to heal itself. Being an empath I used to get affected by the suffering of people and the introvert nature never allowed me to express my pain. As a child the situation never allowed me to nurture the creative side of my personality hence my pain didn't find any expression. This inward pain created a lot of chaos inside me. A constant restlessness and deep anguish never allowed me to experience peace. My heart was in search of something very precious but my attachment to the family was not allowing me to listen to my needs. The Emotional crisis one after another in the family kept me on my toes. On a rainy day looking outside the window with a heavy heart I started questioning my existence and that day I decided not to drag my life anymore and finally I surrendered to my struggle to start my journey of searching something precious. My soul was bleeding and waiting to get healed since very very long. The intense inner calling didn't allow me to stop anymore. That's how I started my inward journey as if my soul wanted to heal it so deeply. I left all comfort zone to fulfill the need of my soul. While progressing on the path I discovered I can heal people. It was my soul’s need to heal the pain by healing other’s pain. Initially, it was my need, now I can witness a very different angle to my healing. Now I heal people because I am just a channel, it is no more need of my soul. I am settled with the peace within and mystical life amazes me every day.

We can witness such people around us….such amazing experience of life

1. During the tsunami in Chennai, a man lost his wife and daughter. He was in deep pain and that uncontrollable pain leads him to help people suffer during the flood or any natural calamities. This is how he is healing his deep wound. How long he will be doing so it depends on the intensity of that pain.

2. A young woman lost his soldier husband in a terrorist attack within a year of their marriage. Initially, she was completely engulfed by the pain, she was experiencing her pain. After a six month her soul was ready to heal that wound. She decided to join the army and prepared for the exam. She got selected as an army officer and ready to serve the country. This way she wants to feel what her husband used to feel. Despite knowing the fact that her husband lost his life on the battlefield, she is ready to heal her wound through the same.

3. Another example: A young girl lost her lover. This pain transformed her life completely. To heal her pain she started a small scale industry for poor women. This way she empowers them financially and emotionally.

4. A man in Mumbai serves meals to underprivileged cancer patients and to their relatives. On the pretext of supporting a family, he witnessed the situation of poor cancer patients. He experienced deep pain and that day he decided to serve meals to all poor people and their relatives. Today 700 people are being served by him.

By channelizing our deep-rooted emotions we can create beautiful things. Intense anger, pain all these are a form of energy and can be utilized for beautiful creation or for a cause. By channelizing our emotions for a cause we can heal ourselves. We will be able to do so if we accept the situation and calm our minds. Channelize your emotions and work for a cause.

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