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Alarming Issue of #Infertility

Women’s liberation or revolution in society came up with lot of conflicts and struggle. There is always a struggle between old rigid belief system and new belief system within. There is huge conflict when it comes to adapt it and live with it. Freedom is a mental concept to be lived by, physical freedom mere is an illusion and there is no end to it.

Infertility is one of the flaring issues. Though through women empowerment, the situation of a woman in society has improved a lot, in terms of equality, respect, health, freedom, money, but women still deal with “issue of worthiness” at almost every situation in life. They are fighting a battle to prove that they are equal to men.

Revolution at all level whether the French revolution, USA revolution, Industrial Revolution collectively started about three hundred years ago, where women actively participated. Since then we are witnessing a lot of changes in a woman’s status. But this revolution has gifted us few more serious issues and with increasing urbanization & raising empowerment of women all these issues are increasing. Men are not able to synchronize with the energy of the women and hence unstable families, relationship, #Infertility.

Infertility is one of the flaring issues nowadays women are facing. Society claims excessive usage of chemicals and pesticides in food, modern lifestyle, urbanization etc are the root causes. So where is the mistake? While competing with males aren’t we losing our feminine side? Aren’t we copying their archetypes in order to compete?

Increasing #aggression, taking pressure at work place as well as home front, raising children is almost becoming a block for modern woman. They feel children can interfere with their freedom. Till the time they get ready for having a child, biological process of a feminine body slows down. And hence, we are witnessing #IVF centers growing up like mushrooms.

A case of female Infertility is never purely a case of infertility, but in actuality, it’s a case of severe imbalance, serious disharmony at all level or layers i.e. mind, spirit and body. Peer pressure from society, family, spouse and pressure from self, the damage can be imagined. Unknowingly they themselves make the case more vulnerable and worst. They deal not only with infertility or block for child, at the same time they also deal with distress (emotional layer), depression and/or anxiety (mental layer), and at physical layer abnormalities like disturbance in hormones (FSH, AMH), issues of PCODs, Fallopian tube blockage, Uterus abnormalities. So collectively all issues make the situation very complex. To top it up, IVF treatment does not guarantee the success.

Among few issues Male Infertility is still one of the unspoken issues in our society. Mostly people are not comfortable to talk about the issue which are still taboo in society, like mental disorder, infertility. Male Infertility is inability to cause a pregnancy in a fertile female. Male fertility relies on the quality and quantity of sperm which includes complications like azoospermia (no sperm), abnormal morphology and motility, blockage of the tube. Male infertility is widely spread and causing infertility. Have we ever checked that why we are not comfortable to open up this issue?

As per our experience we feel it happens mostly in suppressed males, where in childhood they are not allowed to live their wishes or to express their emotions. Overpowering behaviour of one of the parents, damage the psyche of the child and causes imbalance in male female energy. Male energy cannot develop in suppressed state of emotions.

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Know the mystery of #infertility

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