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Orbit Theory

I feel that everyone is stuck in their respective journeys and almost all of us feel suffocated and drained being stuck in every circle of life.

If you want to come out of the stuck situation in life, try to understand your life with the Orbit Theory. Since our childhood, we create so many orbits made up of our emotions, belief patterns, conditioning, around us unknowingly and we feel it is normal to be stuck in life. Since childhood how many orbits we create we don’t have any clue and unknowingly we rotate in that particular orbit till we die. Each and every orbit make us stuck and we keep on rotating in the same orbit and drain our energy. Thus we vibrate on a particular frequency and that frequency depends on how many orbits we have created while moving in our life journey. The more orbits we create the low is our energy and the span of the orbit determines our frequency. Older the orbit stronger the gravitational pull, more energy we drain and the more rigid orbit we develop.

We create different types of orbit while moving in our journey like in our childhood we create orbit of fear, in our teenage most of the time we create the orbit of rejection, orbit of parents where we carry a lot of emotions and patterns(like rejection, anger, fear), orbit of lack, the orbit of relationship, orbit of professional life, the orbit of companionship, orbit of Identity, etc. So we keep on creating new orbits based on our experience from previous orbits thus we create a permanent trap for us and we keep on rotating in all these orbits trying to come out of the stuck situation without any awareness/ignorance.

Some of us while evolving break a few of the orbits and take quantum leaps in life unknowingly. But with awareness and acceptance, we can break all the orbits gradually and can lead a break free life where energy is free-flowing and manifestation is the byproduct. Courage is needed to break because we are very comfortable with self-created orbits and those orbits are the source of survival as well.

So how many orbits you have created so far?? How many orbits you are able to break?? Go through your life journey in reverse order and know your orbits and break them courageously to lead a break free energetic life.

Orbits of Life

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