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Are you hurt???

While going through the journey most of the time we get hurt and if the intensity of hurt is high we carry it a life long. The intensity of hurt decides our future relations. When we get hurt we tend to accumulate this hurt in our memory and we keep on nurturing this hurt by giving too much attention. No one has taught us to address the root cause of our problems. We stay in the superficial layer and sometimes console, sometimes nurture the hurt being on self-pity mode. With this attitude, we keep on experiencing the same thing again and again because we are not aware of the root cause. This ignorance trapped us in a vicious cycle where we experience only hurt and the intensity keeps on growing. The more the memory gets stronger the more the patterns are rigid. This decides the toxin level in our body and mind.

The Damages we carry because of hurt:

1. Blocking of life force energy to live life freely

2. Tiredness and lethargy

3. Hopelessness

4. Trust Issues

5. Blocked sexual energy

6. Blocked heart chakra resulting in bitterness, anger, insecurity, restlessness, jealousy, fear

7. Prolonged stay in this situation causes depression and depression leads to social disconnect, backache, lethargy, tiredness, lack of pleasure

8. Repetition of hurt can damage the connection to self permanently resulting disconnect to everything

9. Self-pity mode

10. A permanent sense of lack everywhere

11. Obstructed and shallow breathing resulting in more sleep or lack of sleep

12. Accumulation of toxins in body and mind resulting in distress, disorders, and diseases

How to Come out of this Damage:

1. Address the root cause of the hurt. In a few cases, it is because of rejection, in a few cases root cause is lack

2. Identify the pattern of hurt

3. Write down the complete history of your hurt on a plain paper in reverse order and try to understand your weaknesses and your mistakes. Once you finish writing tear the pages

4. Once awareness and acceptance is dawned it will be hard to stay with the hurt

5. Rewriting of the subconscious will happen when you are alert and don’t repeat the pattern

6. Old pattern may pull you down while coming out of the trap but alertness will help to break the pattern and to free yourself

7. The moment we break the pattern the connection with inner-self establishes

8. Meditation always helps to break such patterns because it permanently releases the patterns from memories.

I am Hurt

While breaking rigid patterns you may release toxins in various forms like loose motions, vomiting, fever, cold & cough, frequent urination, body aches, rashes, boils on the skin & tongue. Rigid patterns may take some time to break and may release more toxins.

When one erases the memories or the memories become an experience and no more attached emotions then life force energy starts flowing freely in the body. When life force energy starts flowing one starts experiencing harmony and peace within. This is how we start experiencing a new life full of compassion and a healthy relationship with everything.

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