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#Balancing #Male & #Female Energies

This is a world of duality and Universe has created everything in pair light and dark, pain and pleasure. And to appreciate one, we need to experience the other as well .i.e, we can appreciate sweet only if we have experienced sour. And to experience this duality, we humans also embody both male and female energies. It is called “#Shivshakti” in Tantra, Yin-Yang in Chinese Philosophy, and male-female energies in common language. Our Electromagnetic field represents the complete picture of a human being and it reflects both male and female aspects of our energies. When #Electromagnetic field is balanced it gets reflected in the aura of a person. In females, dominant energy is female energy and in males, dominant energy is male energy.

Let’s understand this, if I get an idea to work upon, the conception or creation of that idea is the female aspect of my energy and working upon /taking action on that idea is the male aspect of my energies. So the more they are balanced, the more balanced I would be as a human being. For example, driving a vehicle is part of our male energy and cooking is part of our female energy.

Now, if a female is more action oriented and her implementation part is strong, or you find her aggressive then you should know her male energy is dominant. Similarly, in case of a male who is very shy, inward, poor in taking actions, implementations, it shows a lack of male energy. Both are state of imbalances and if not handled in time, both would eventually result in disease or disorder.

Now understand with an example how energy at home and conditioning of mind creates imbalance in us.

Scenario I: How a strict, dominating father ‘A’ influences the growth a son unknowingly. Because of his dominance, the son might feel discouraged, feared by the aggression of the father and learns to suppress his male energy. In adulthood, it gets reflected as low sperm count, poor morphology, motility, azoospermic, lack of desire to have sex, lack of overall action orientation. Serious Imbalance in male and female energy.

Similarly a dominating and controlling woman “B”, can create the same impact on son & daughter, influencing their male & female energies. Suppression can be seen in other family members as well. Symptoms will be as obesity, low self-esteem, fear, telling lies, etc. Here the mother doesn’t allow the male energy of son, daughter or even husband to come out and slowly steadily they start feeling redundant. Lacks of responsibility, action orientation are clearly visible.

Scenario II : In case where the connection between mother and girl child  is poor, mother being dominating, rebellion symptoms can be seen in girl child and she carries the dominant male energy and she repeats the same pattern as her mother does. It reflects in the physical body also. Masculine built and in adulthood, it gets reflected in as physical disease or imbalance. Such as heavy menstrual cycle, infertility due to #PCODs, blocked Fallopian tubes.

This imbalance in male and female energy reflects in relationship also. If the wife is more action oriented, the male would demonstrate low action so as to create an overall balanced state. And these family patterns repeat. You would often see that a male, who has a more dominant or decision-making mother would have a wife with more or less same traits.

If male-female energy is not balanced, it is reflected in their sexual energy as well.  In the case of a female, the sexual energy is ever flowing and in the case of males, it is sudden, not ever flowing, unlike females. So in the case of a female, who is more masculine or with more male energy, their aggression can be seen in the sexual relationship, which makes a man repulsive about it. In case of a male, where female energy is excessive, their sexual energy is ever flowing and it gets triggered very easily.

So awareness can bring lot of clarity to this situation. Universe has created male & female to complement each other, they don’t have to compete.

Understand more with the #Archetypal female and male essence qualities which we witness in us:


Balancing Male and Female Energies

Nurturing Protecting

Intuitive perception Logical perception

Listening Speaking

Softness                      Firmness

Feeling Thinking

Being Doing

Containing Contributing

Coolness Warmth

Earth, water elements Air, Fire elements

Shakti/feminine/Yin Shiva/Masculine/Yang

When the #male-female energies of any person is balanced, immediate shift in the external behavior is visible. Most of the times, it is observed that –

1. In case of a female, who had excessive male energies, when balanced, begins to demonstrate less action orientation. She begins to get drawn towards one or the other form of creative pursuit like cooking, painting, yoga, dance, writing or any other. Also, as she begins to get balanced, the male members of the family, begin to demonstrate more action orientation. so although we just work on the female of the family, but it creates a ripple effect on the whole family .

2. In case of a male, who has excessive male energies, when balanced, begins to show mellowed behavior, aggression is reduced. His children, especially son, begins to show more action orientation because his male energies get a window to show up.

3. In case of a male, who has excessive female energies, when balanced, begin to demonstrate more action.

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