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Latest Fad about Foods & Exercises

Nowadays fad about foods and exercises creating another level of stress in people. People are blindly following the diets and exercises without knowing their body type. I have witnessed a lot of people who are following some particular diet creating more stress. Everybody’s psyche is different so their body type. If a particular diet is working for someone not necessary it will work for everybody. If the person is in depression and if you ask the person to start with the keto diet or to go for the frequent fasting he/she won’t be able to continue and can develop different complications. I have witnessed a few cases where people land up in different kinds of complications. The same thing is applicable to exercises also. People are blindly following the trend and the Instructers or coaches are not well qualified. To teach exercises one should know the anatomy of the body or the coach should be well experienced. People start teaching without knowing the subject well resulting in injuries. Post-workout sessions people are blindly using artificial protein supplements without knowing the need. This is dangerous and for sure one will land up in some major complications.

Another trend, one should complete 10000 steps in a day, it is not sufficient for growing children and maybe more for an aging person. To encourage people for a balanced diet and exercise is good but extreme or obsession can never be good. Without getting trapped in all these better bring discipline in your life. For mind do some meditation and for body start with some light exercises if you are not used to. If you don’t have enough energy at least going out in fresh air will help you to start for a better life.

One can bring awareness to processed food which is not at all good for our health. A lot of products you will find in the market like a gluten-free, artificial Protein supplement, sugar-free, and the list is endless. Nowadays people are attracting more diseases, distress, and disorders because of all the processed foods. By using this kind of food products we are blocking our energy to do some productive works. Lack of energy puts us in a state of lethargy thus we lack the energy to exercise.

A balanced attitude can bring balance everywhere. When a person is in harmony means mind and body are aligned, the person will be aware of his/her body and what the body demands. The process will be effortless and adaptation will be fast. When the mind is under control a person can go through the tough challenges and the body also supports. There will be no craving for food and you will know what to eat and what not to eat. One reaches this state because of the inner empowerment. Meditation can help us to gain this state of balance. Actually one starts eating satvic food when the mind is also in satt chintan state. In this state, energy is free-flowing and one can witness how effortless it is to stick to the satvic food and exercises without creating any kind of stress. Say no to all processed food as much as possible and eat warm, simple homemade food. In the name of consumer

Mind-Body & Food-Exercises

ism, people are selling all the toxins to us, be aware of such a market and come out of the trap

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