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Mystical Nature & underlying messages

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

For me, life is a vast field of experience. We make some mistakes while moving on this journey and then we learn from them, we unlearn so many things to correct them. When continuously we make some mistakes our parents try to correct them by giving us a warning. If we don’t correct them we face the consequences of our mistakes. The consequences are initially very light in nature but when continuously we ignore them and keep on making the same mistakes over and over again then we face the very grievous blow. Sometimes we understand them and correct ourselves but most of the time we are ignorant about everything and get trapped.

Similarly, when we keep on torturing Mother Nature, she knows how to take care of herself and how to maintain the balance. That’s how we get the message of mother earth in the form of natural calamities, epidemics, pandemics. She tries to give us very simple warnings when we don’t listen to her warnings she takes a gigantic aggressive step to reset and to relax. After every volcanic eruption mother earth brings out the very fertile land full of minerals and energy. Mother Earth through natural calamities, pandemics, epidemics, endemics always gives us messages to bring out the best from the chaos but our chaotic mind unable to understand all these underlying messages.

This time Covid 19 (Novel Corona Virus) Pandemic tries to give us many messages, if we don’t go by the logical mind we will be able to understand the language of Nature. Nature asking us to :

1.Slow down, take a pause

2. come out of the rat race

3. Spend quality time with our near and dear ones

4. Go inward

5. Be sensitive to our surroundings like nature, people, situation

6. Nurturing passion like reading, gardening, playing musical instruments

7. Eat healthy food

8. Self-sustainable environment or Ecosystem

9. Improve Immunity

10. Be humble, drop EGO

11. The most important lesson to be compassionate to everyone including animals, nature

12. Be patient

13. Be comfortable with the uncertainty and unknown

14. Practice attitude of Gratitude

15. Don't take anything for granted

The most important lesson mother earth is trying to teach that we all are just speck of dust. A small creature is sufficient to teach us a lesson. We are powerless, we all are equal, no one is rich and no one is poor and we have witnessed during all-natural calamities, epidemics, pandemics. Mother Earth is healing herself and relaxing for a while. We have tortured her to the extent that she is bleeding. Industrial waste, plastics, vehicle emissions, cutting trees, exploiting water bodies, unnecessary excavation, use of artificial fertilizers, Meat and dairy industries producing pollutants. She will reset and relax again and again by putting all of us in a zone of uncertainty and unknown whenever she will be tired. Now she is tired and wants to take a pause from everything to set a balance. Even in between every inhalation and exhalation there is a pause. All of us just need to take a pause and we can use this pause for our growth. Utilize this time to create a beautiful bond between your children, spouse, parents, friends. Eat simple food, be minimalistic, nurture your passions, stay indoor and reflect your life journey to healing. After every chaos, a beautiful creation emerges, A New YOU.

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