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We All Are Healers!!!

Every person is a #healer, for self as well for others. Most of the time, we see that a lot of healers are doing healing based on their understanding and they are really helping people to heal their suffering.

While healing self, as well as others, they face lot of challenges, which they are unable to deal with. Sometimes the process of healing others is quite draining for a healer. Sometimes they land up giving their own life force energy.

To be an authentic channel (a healer is also called as a channel), the process of transformation is very beautiful if you are ready to open up you own self. Initially courage is needed to move on this path, where every moment is uncertain and unknown. We feel that fear is the biggest barrier and we guide and coach people accordingly.

Most of the times, we witness the mother’s of special children have huge amount of energy to heal own life, their children’s lives as well as life of others.

Few people are gifted with certain ability to heal people but they land up in loosing that ability or get stuck in their own journey of suffering or because of so many other reasons like Ego, illusion, fear are the few thing people get stuck with while healing others.

So we are here to help you to discover a healer in self. We are in gratitude that we are able to guide and share own experience. If you are passionate about human emotions, compassionate, sensitive to others, strong intent to heal others, then you are welcome to write us/contact us for your own adventurous journey to unknown.

Everyone is a HEALER...

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