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Chaitanya-An Amalgamation of #Meditation and #Nature

Updated: May 1, 2019

“Chaitanya-Awakening Of #Consciousness” a residential retreat. This #retreat always happens as per inner guidance. An interval of every six months I always intend to do Chaitanya. So far four Chaitanya-residential retreats happened and so far I preferred the place, called Zorba- The Buddha, Ghitorni. This retreat always brings a deep level of understanding to every participant. Each and every participant are always able to break the comfort zone. It is designed in such a way that it works on all layers of human design, physical, mental and emotional. So many deep layer issues get surfaced and people are able to break deep and rigid conditioning. I facilitated the last Chaitanya in the month of January, but this time was being guided to schedule it in the month of April itself with a change of place. The experience is mystical and very different from other Chaitanya retreats.

Chose Bhuma Camp, Sattal and Dronagiri of Himalaya as a venue for this retreat. Trustees Pankaj, Ishanji were very kind to arrange everything for us. The caretaker of the camp Bhanu, played an important role to be with us all the time, whether on trek or be in camp. The place itself is high on energy, it is an amalgamation of mother Nature and Meditation. The day one at Sattal brought so much of fresh energy that we were able to get into meditation very quickly after traveling more than 7 hours. Most of the time we were meditating under the sky and in the midst of mother nature. The waterfall, the Sattal lake, the Gruda lake, everywhere energy was very high and mystical. It was very easy to calm down the mind. All participants started experiencing a deep layer of cleansing/detoxification immediately. The second day we spent quality time in nature, the experience of meditation under the sky, near the lake, is inexplicable. The third day we went for a small trek to a waterfall. The trek was rocky and through the dense forest. Everyone was able to break the barrier of fear and got soaked themselves fully and synchronization with mother nature was on peak. The fourth day we stayed back at cottage to experience the absorption and internalization of more and more energy. Mother Nature was its best to shower its love in the form of energy.

The fifth day we started for Dronagiri, a place with mythological touch, it is a saying that while carrying Sanjivani Buti Hanuman dropped one part of the mountain here in Dronagiri. Dronacharya was also associated with this place as he used to teach his students in the land of Dronagiri.

A small trek leads us to a place where so many Yogis meditate. We met Yogi Ishaanji also, listen to his some teachings. Next trek was to a Cave, where most of the renowned yogis did their sadhana in the past. The trek towards the cave is having a panoramic view of that beautiful landscape. Enjoyed each and every moment being in the wilderness of Nature. The approach road to the cave is covered with red Rhododendron flowers as if the forest is welcoming everyone. Fascinating view of the trees full of red flowers. We reached the mystical cave of Mahaavtar babaji and meditated there for sometime. The experience of meditation was very different as compared to other places, can not be explained in words. After all the experience matters.

The six days meditation retreat ended up with all beautiful experiences of nature and meditation. In near future would like to expand this kind of experiences in the wilderness of Nature. Feeling very fortunate that we were able to make to the Mahayogi’s cave. After returning back we are able to count the mystical experiences we had. In gratitude to have this kind of experience.

Expand the Inner Silence

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