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#Guru & #Shishya: The Unforgotten Parampara

When we talk about #Guru-Shishya parampara, it takes us back to our ancient days, where every family used to have a guru to guide them and show them the path of happiness and contentment. Let's understand what was the role of a guru in a family why there was a high regard place for a guru? The human mind always needs a physical form to relate. Worshiping God is not possible for everyone, as we need a form to realize our faith. A real guru teaches us to walk on the path of liberation, without any personal gain. A deep connect between Guru and Shishya, can put the shishya on the path of surrender.

A real guru, along with sweet pills gives us the bitter pills also so that we can deal with the #duality of this world. He/she trains us not only to bring awareness to our strength but also to the weaknesses. He/she allows us to go through the #humiliation, failure so that we can shed off our ego. Thus how we create an immune# personality to deal with the duality of this world.

Why it is not working in #kaliyuga? We have lost the faith in #Guru-Shishya Parampara because of our conditioning. We doubt the intent of a guru, we doubt the capability of a guru. Nowadays we don't ask our children to understand the role of a teacher, rather than we teach them not to tolerate any kind of bitter words from the teacher. In school or educational institute, we are producing a bunch of intelligent people ready to participate in the rat race of life, completely on survival mode. We are not allowing them to know their emotional depth to go through the other side of the personality, we are trying to train them to accept the only one side of personality. That's why nowadays children cannot tolerate any kind of adversity like #failure, #sarcasm, #humiliation, it hurts their #EGO at jet speed and they succumb to the situation. Top of it we try to make them #unique and #extraordinary, which add only a false shield around their personality to nurture their ego and they get deviated from the charm of life. A guru can inculcate the art of #

Guru_Shishya Parampara

devotion, #dedication, #gratitude in us, which is very very important to create a compassionate and sensitive inner self. This discovered inner self brings not only sensitivity or compassion but also a flexible self, which knows to accept everything. This kind of acceptance broaden up our horizon and a new thought process takes birth, where health is a byproduct.

At the same time in Kaliyuga teachers/guru are not that compassionate or selfless to teach the art of life. They are self-obsessed and satisfying their ego only. Very few guru/teachers are devoted to this Parampara of Guru-Shishya. If we can bring back the essence of this parampara in a different way, which suits the urban lifestyle and Kaliyuga, for sure we can bring back the happiness and contentment in people’s lives.

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