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Internalization of Desires

Our desires remind us that we are living human beings at the same time our desires create misery for us as well and we start living a life of a dead person being alive. It is not easy to get rid of our desires. So how to get rid of the suffering that arises out of our desires? Why desires give us so much pain?

There is no harm to have desires but a lot of damages we do to ourselves because of the expectations attached to that desire. Nowadays we have increased our needs and all these are the result of the external influence of consumerism. Every day we witness our surroundings and add few more desires in our list and we keep on adding. This never-ending list of desires doesn’t allow us to live a contented life. Dissatisfaction is growing deep in all of us.

Our desires are the mother of all expectations and we expect others to fulfill our desires. Our expectations put a lot of pressure on that particular person resulting damaged relationship and we get trapped in a vicious cycle forever. This is how our desires create a trap for us and we start feeling suffocated and caged in any kind of relationship. If our desires get fulfilled by someone we don’t even feel the gratitude to the person or to the universe.

Because of our desires, we expect a lot from self which created an electromagnetic field of pressure around us. Once again we are not disturbed because of our desires we are disturbed because of the attachment to the results. This attachment limits us and doesn’t allow us to fulfill our desires. For example, I would like to be a very successful entrepreneur but my fear attached to the desire is not allowing me to work towards it. Every now and then this fear of failure is chasing me and limiting my energy to work for it. This is how I have created misery for myself. With limitations, no one can live the desires.

Every now and then we give birth to a new desire and we talk about freedom, being free-spirited, liberation. With all sorts of desires, we cannot be free but being comfortable with our desires we can free ourselves. If our desires get fulfilled it is fine if they don’t get fulfilled then also it is fine, it is easy to give up the desires and it can happen when we are not attached to our desires anymore. How to reach that state of detachment? By the process of internalization, we can bring easiness without creating any misery. How to internalize our desires? The process is amazing if one is able to practice it with all dedication and devotion. The process involves a few steps:

1. Get into meditative posture and focus on breathing at least for ten minutes

2. Once the mind is silent start addressing the desire and stay with it as long as possible

3. Once your desire is in your awareness dig deeper to know more about the consequences of that particular desire

4. Witness the damage, discomfort created by the desire

5. You may get exhausted by the thoughts around the desire

6. Once you are done lying down and end up the session with ten minutes deep breathing

7. Don’t get up immediately

8. The preferable time is before going to bed at night. While doing the process if you fall sleep it is fine

What you can expect from this process? You will be able to witness good sleep, calmness, contentment, peace around your desires. As you are comfortable with desires now be curious about it. You will be able to witness a lot of mysteries if you practice it with all gratitude and commitment. Practice this process for three days at a stretch particularly for one desire at a time.

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