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Life and Duality

Updated: Feb 14

Is the world of positivity a selling word? Is the concept of positivity creating fear in people? Aren’t they create more stress to be positive in life?

We live in the world of duality but our conditioning or upbringing always says discard the dark/negative and embrace the light/positive. But no one teaches us how? Since childhood, there is always a struggle to be happy and to drop the negativity, so we are being taught to struggle and the struggle is continuing.

Now the question comes why to reject our dark side? By rejecting them are we able to get rid of them? No, because negative, positive both are part of ourselves. By discarding them we won't be able to heal them. The more we try to be happy and try to get rid of negativity, the more we get trapped. There is always the existence of duality and we can not discard or ignore it by sticking to the idea of being positive. Duality can be witnessed in every aspect of life Pleasure/pain, Courage/fear, love/hatred, happiness/sadness, light/dark, cold/hot, feminine/masculine, acceptance/rejection, negative/positive thus our life goes on. Now by trying to be positive, we create a lot of stress in us as well as fear. Actually, this fear limits us and doesn’t allow us to vibrate at a higher frequency.

Being stuck in good or bad is always considered as stuck. People get stuck with the good also and life long they try to stick to the good. Would like to give an example to bring more clarity to it. For example, I tried a cup of coffee in a cafe and the aroma, the taste was very unique, now I try to search the same taste everywhere. By sticking to the good taste I am unable to enjoy the other coffee. Life is like the same, consist of both good and bad, if we get stuck we will lose the experience. In the absence of experience, we will create a monotonous life without any rhythm, adventure, and exploration.

We always try to fix everything in order to feel secure, but we don’t understand that while doing so we are pushing ourselves from life. Our fear of unknown and uncertainty brings chaos, we are not capable of handling that emotion. Even if logically we understand in depth meaning of unknown and uncertainty, actually we are liberated to certain extent.

Don't go by all jargons like self-love, evoking inner child, ball of positivity, manifestation. Believe me, all these create fear in the system. In order to be positive people are inflicting fear. Fear cannot bring relaxation to the system. So the whole idea is to be comfortable with both dark and light only then one will be able to witness easiness in life. For example, if we don't see the dirt at home we won't be able to clean it. Now the real question comes how to deal with duality and how to bring balance to our emotions. Maybe few of you have the question of why to bring easiness to positive emotions? In excitement, people do some crazy things and the consequence can be witnessed later. Grounding of emotions is very important, it keeps us balance, composed without disturbing the inner wellbeing.

1. One needs to be aware(AWARENESS) of own dark, light both

2. Bringing ACCEPTANCE to them is the most important step. The acceptance to the duality brings inner peace and this peace is the key to health and happiness

3. INTENT to come out of them. Intent can be a choice and depends on the person’s pace of evolution

4. Initially putting self in discipline for evolution can be an effort but consistency can change the scenario

5. Any process which leads you on the path of the inner journey is fine

6. Life always should be experienced from inside to outside rather than sticking to outside only, in that situation life will be a reflection of the outside chaotic world

If one is able to maintain consistency, life can be an experience or else it is a mundane structured life. One’s focus should be on self and on to bring easiness to the system. Working on self will bring a lot of clarity and understanding, peeling off layer will happen on its own. Effortlessly one can reach the source of love and happiness. So relax practice, remember without process it is not possible. Life is a mystery cannot be solved, it is to be lived. So live life fully, bliss and peace will be byproduct without any efforts.

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