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Science of Spirituality and Alkaline Body

Most of the time we hear that alkaline body is a healthy body and we are less likely to suffer from chronic diseases and illness. So now a days awareness is there to have an alkaline body but how? Still there is less clarity about it. First we have to understand what is alkaline medium?? Balanced pH level in the body is essential for health and vitality and in normal condition our pH value is 7.35, which is slightly alkaline in nature. Our body always tries to maintain the pH levels.

To have an alkaline body people have started following healthy foods which are alkaline in nature and the obsession is growing. Is food alone capable of turning our body alkaline in order to stay healthy and happy?? Having healthy food is good but the obsession around it creates a lot of anxiety and stress. Let’s understand how to get an alkaline body effortlessly and how SPIRITUALITY can help us to reach a state of a healthy and blissful life.

1. We try to do detoxification of our body very often and this word is in trend. That means we are accumulating toxins from different sources.

2. Accumulation of toxins happens through water, food, plants, animals, chemicals, air, and the most important factor is our thought process.

3. Research says that vegetarian people live at least 7-8 years longer than those who eat non-vegetarian food. Our body needs a lot of time and oxygen to digest the non-vegetarian food because of the higher composition of fats and proteins. Study shows, the distribution of transit times for vegetarian ranged from 27-54 hours whereas for non-vegetarian it is 31-96 hours.

4. Our disposition(Swabhav) decides the type of food.

5. The important part is the thought process. Our memory, our emotions, our thought process have the tendency to accumulate toxins in our body. This type of toxins decides the actual pH value of the body and immunity of the body. The study reveals that stress creates acidity, constipation, rigid body, diseases, disorders.

Spirituality helps us to lead a life of effortlessness where the alkaline body is a byproduct. The more sattvic (simple) thought process we have the more likely we vibrate high and all low-frequency emotions dropdown. Our practices like meditation, yoga, physical activities, conscious breathing, Pranayam all these help us to increase the immunity of the body. Sattvic thought process attracts sattvic food. When a person reaches a state of a yogi it is effortless for him/her to have yogic food because at that state body cannot afford to have spicy/acidic food/non-vegetarian food.

Carnivorous animals are aggressive in nature so their food is according to their swabhav at the same time herbivorous animals are quiet in nature and their food habit is as their swabhav.

To get an alkaline body the most important factor is to work on self so that we don’t accumulate toxins in our body, in this state our body is like an open channel and the flow of energy is free. When we practice meditation, conscious breathing, yoga (all breathing based) help us to purify our channels and toxins get released in the form of motion. Vomiting, sweating, cold/cough, fever, frequent urination. In this state of health, happiness is a byproduct because immunity gets increased and in this state diseases, the disorder cannot impact us. You must have witnessed whenever one is emotionally low, the chances of getting attacked by diseases are more. In this kaliyuga, everything is adulterated so our task is to keep ourselves high in order to stay healthy.

Few more inputs to start an energetic day in a yogic way:

1. Have some lukewarm water with lemon juice, a pinch of cinnamon powder, turmeric powder and honey in the empty stomach without brushing your teeth, chew few curry leaves

2. Clear your bowel in the morning itself (as it releases all accumulated toxins and make our stomach ready for the day)

3. Start the day with some physical exercise, meditation with AUM chanting

4. Start the day with all gratitude

5. Have a healthy breakfast

6. Introspect complete day before you go to bed.

The science of balanced pH body is scientifically proven and mentioned in our ancient scripture as well. So be disciplined to get an alkaline body which is the sign of health and happiness.

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