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Conscious Breathing & It's Benefits!!

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

#Breathing is a physical action, it is involuntary (happens on its own). But when it is voluntary and we do it consciously, the power begins within and reflects in overall well being. There is a deep connect between Mind, Body and emotions. By manipulating breathing we can bring peace to the mind.

Before mastering over breathing we need to deal with our emotions or else we won’t be able to practice breathing smoothly, because each and every emotions alters the pattern of breathing. You must have experienced when you cry loudly how you choke breathing. In such way #anger, fear, #insecurity, #grief, #anxiety, #nervousness create hurdles for effortless deep breathing. So bring awareness to your emotions, past wound and address them to heal.

Largely people breathe through chest, which is not the correct way of breathing. In order to look good/slim mostly people contract their abdomen and it sets the pattern of breathing in a blocked way. This action unconsciously choke the diaphragm and does not allow the breath to pass through contraction/dilation of diaphragm. So sufficient amount of oxygen is not reaching in lower part of body, resulting pain in legs and heaviness in lower body.

Benefits of Conscious Breathing :

1. The significant simple insight is so obvious to inner explorers:the breath is therefore the key to control the autonomic nervous system and by controlling nervous system through Conscious breathing we are actually bringing back wellness to self.

Don't discard Mother #Nature, source of #Energy from your Life,

2. It is the Prevention for #Cancer. What is cancer and how it spread? Cancerous cells are anaerobic in nature and absence of oxygen is their favorable condition to grow. Conscious breathing can cure cancer as well, the moment we start pumping oxygen in our body. By doing so we change the favorable condition for cancerous cells. Chemotherapy kills healthy cells, brings immunity level down, cut the oxygen supply in body

3.Overall field of #Energy or subtle body(physical body actually is organized around a field of energy) improves. Still Medical practitioner, Scientists,Westerners discard this theory. Slowly they are adapting and lot of research have been initiated

4. Expanded consciousness

5. Increased alertness, improved power of discrete.

6. Overall Productivity, concentration improves

7. Stress level can be improved resulting less release of #Cortisol and more release of happy hormones endorphin,dopamine, #serotonin

8. Improved Sleep quality

9. Improved sexual energy

10. Clouding of thoughts disappear resulting more clarity and decision making is easy because of calm mind

11. Improved Physical strength

12. Balanced state of mind or Emotionally balanced

13.Confidence and Conviction about self improves

I can keep on adding, the list is endless. Please adapt Meditation, Conscious Breathing and experience overall well being….

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