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Embracing Existence!!!!

Whenever we talk about love, a different picture or imagination pops up in our mind. All of us have a thirst to experience love in our own way and most of the time we land up in pain. This search for quenchless love overpowers us and we start chasing an illusion or imagination based on our perception, which can not be satiated through other person. Our ego tries to satiate self through other people and we can not accept any form of love because our mind is always search for that particular form of love we are in search of.

This never ending search for love creates a situation of unhappiness, dissatisfaction in life.This thirst or quench can be channelized to create lot of beautiful things. That is how poet, artists channelize their pain to create beautiful creation. This pain helps them to be with their inner core and when one is connected with the inner core only beautiful creation takes birth. For them pain and pleasure is same. When one experiences the depth of pain, for sure, he/she bounces back with life after experiencing the silence and stillness of inner self.

It is difficult for us to understand actually what we are searching or what we want to experience through others? We do not understand what we are searching actually, it is already there and it is our inner self, we don’t need any external people to validate our own existence, we simply exist. When we embrace our existence, any form of love is acceptable, it does not need any boundaries or conditions.

Embrace your EXISTENCE….we EXIST!!!

Feed your Spirit, Nourish your Soul, Embrace yourself

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