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#Meditation & #Subconscious Mind Rewriting

Updated: May 15, 2020

Most of the time people expect a lot from #meditation and spiritual practices. The expectation is a human tendency and it is difficult for them not to expect from their spiritual practices as well. As per their samskara (संस्कार) they start expecting magic from their #spiritual practices and when they don't get the desired result they get frustrated, they start losing faith in practices, they start struggling to get the desired outcome. Few people start chasing to feel powerful which is purely based on ego because they already staying with a controlling attitude and so far they get desired results by controlling people. Now they are addicted to this power display and when things don’t fall in place they try spiritual practices to feel peace within but they forget that they are still with the old belief pattern of control. Now the frustration is more because they try to control not only the people, situation but also the outcome of meditation/spiritual practices and they get trapped badly in this pattern. EGO is the biggest trap for a sadhak, this ego doesn’t allow a sadhak to go deep. They cook all the stories to defend themselves and to claim that I cannot be wrong thus they create a pseudo world based on their perception. Who is going to judge who is wrong and who is right because everyone is right as per their perception?.

Consistency with the practices and when one drops all the expectations from the practices actually the magic starts on its own. One starts experiencing mystical experiences in every aspect of life and magic happens. Perception gets enhanced, people start seeing the world with a different attitude. Deep connect with #Nature can be witnessed, imagination capacity will be more, the understanding of psyche will be effortless, creativity will be enhancing. #Meditation actually broadens up the horizon of one’s mind and the thought process gets purified. One doesn’t have to think about karma theory because meditation helps us to clear all backlog and at the same time our consciousness gets expanded so much that one is not capable of creating new karmic debt.

A #Yogi is capable of replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts. It is very easy for a yogi to break rigid belief patterns and deep-rooted emotions. To reach that state of freedom one has to go through phases of deep sadhana.

Everyone’s experiences are different so we should not be stuck with other’s experiences. It is always better not to condition your mind with other’s experiences because the mind is very tricky and it starts adapting to other’s experiences. It is always better to learn from your own experiences which are real and not created by the mind or not borrowed from other’s experiences.

While moving on this path one needs to understand a few things like:

1. Be committed to your practices irrespective of the situation

2. Just be, while moving on this path, don’t try to adopt a pseudo cover that you are not. If you are experiencing turmoil inside, just be. Bring awareness and acceptance to your turmoil and stick to the practices while witnessing your disturbance

3. #Awareness, #Acceptance, and #intent to come out of the situation will pull you out from the misery effortlessly

4. Different phases will be there, you may feel sudden outburst of emotions like anger, anxiety, extreme fear, deep sadness

5. A pseudo phase may be witnessed where one starts feeling very elevated and this elevated frequency boosts the ego and one starts getting trapped in pseudo “all is well” image. Here people start suppressing emotions in order to feel elevated

6. A disconnect happens where one doesn’t feel like getting connected with people and talking to people. A very disconnected life from the external world, where one starts connecting to the inner self and this happens on its own to connect to self, once the person is connected to self the external connect established effortlessly

7. The rigid patterns need some time to break because one is carrying all these patterns for long

8. The more one expedites the sadhana the more one can break the patterns easily

9. Once one breaks some patters other patterns get surfaced to address or to break

Initially, it is tough for a sadhak because he/she is not aware of the processes of sadhana and starts expecting a very smooth ride. Once he/she understands the journey of evolution everything happens effortlessly and the attitude towards life gets changed completely

10. With the consistent sadhana the defensive mechanism starts loosing up and one starts experiencing the broader horizon and EGO starts melting

11. When one reaches deep in their sadhana they are not capable of judging others or holding any emotions against others, they are free from all of their emotions which are created by the mind

12. A real Yogi doesn’t get affected by the external turbulence because the yogi has established a deep level of peace within

13. Even after #self-actualization, one needs to internalize all the realization through deep meditation it is kind rewriting the subconscious mind

14. Once the #realizations get internalized the process of rewriting is done and one is free from all the suffering of life. A state of absolute #freedom can be experienced

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